Andwell’s Pub in a box

Andwell’s Pub in a box


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Out of stock, but pre-order & we will deliver once we have all items in stock.

You can’t go to the pub but we’ll deliver the pub to you! Andwell’s pub in a box will include our most popular ales, our newest lager & IPAs. We’ve mixed it up and add a gin & tonic and vodka tonic. We all fancy a snack once we’ve had a drink or two, so enjoy the selection of snacks we’ve popped into the box.


What’s included:

2 x Gold Muddler 500ml

2 x King John 500ml

2 x Brewhouse Lager 440ml

1 x Red Bus IPA 330ml

1 x Hop Dog IPA 330ml

2 x Andwell Pint Glass

1 x Bivrost Arctic Gin 50ml

1 x Smirnoff Vodka 50ml

2 x Fever tree Tonic Water 200ml (classic or light)

2 x Piper’s Crisps

1 x Alf Turner Pork Scratchings

1 x Cambrook Nuts 45g


The flavour of the snacks will be chosen at random, if you want to request a specific flavour, swing by the shop to buy the box or add in the notes at checkout.

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