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My gift voucher expired but was meant for a tour in 2020-2021, what can I do?
We had to cancel our tours from March 2020, therefore recognise that there will be customer with expired gift vouchers. We are very happy to honor any gift vouchers that expired from January 2020. If you previously booked & paid and would like to move that booking onto a new date give us a call on 01256 761044 to arrange this.

Can I call to book the tour instead?
Where possible we encourage all bookings to be purchased online, but give us a call on 01256 761044 with any questions relating to this and we will try and assist with the booking.

I have a gift voucher that won’t work online, how can I book a tour?
We do sell physical gift vouchers, however these do not work online, if you’d like to book a tour using your gift vouchers, please visit us & we will take your booking & full payment manually.

What happens if the government changes covid-19 restrictions?
We can only operate our tours when social distancing relaxes, if the restrictions do not relax on Monday 19th July, we will have to postpone tours that are booked, and move tickets onto new dates once it’s safe to host brewery tours.

I don’t drink alcohol / I will be the designated driver for the tour, what does that mean for me?

If you are not planning on trying the taster board that we offer at the end of the tour, we are happy for you to take 2 beers (bottle/can) of your choice home. During the tasting we’d be happy to offer you a soft drink. Please make the tour guide aware that you won’t be drinking during the experience.



Brewery Tour, 10% off your brewhouse bill & beer tastings!

Come and see for yourself what goes into making our Beautifully Crafted Hampshire beers.

Join us on a guided tour of the Brewery, meet the Andwell’s Team and learn how we craft our quality real ales.  You’ll get the opportunity to sample the floor-malted barley, take in the sweet aroma of hops and see the fermentation process by which the finest ingredients are skilfully combined to create a perfect pint. And what better way to end the tour than with a tasting of our beers.


Brewery tours are back as of Saturday 24th July. We will be holding 2 brewery tours (AM & PM) on Saturdays throughout the month (check the dates when booking).

All bookings are subject to any government changes.


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