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Andwell Brewing Company offers real ale and lager, in bottle and cask to trade customers as well as the public. 

Our permanent range includes: Resolute Bitter, Gold Muddler, King John, Ruddy Darter, Pilsner, Pilsner Hop and Hop Dog.

Andwell's Resolute Bitter | Light amber best bitter with balanced aromas & bitterness



"Light amber best bitter with balanced aromas & bitterness"


3.8% abv

Bottled – 4.1% abv


Bottle contains:  Barley & Wheat

Cask contains: Barley 

Taking its name from a town within the high Arctic, despite its cool name this is the sort of bitter that you’ll easily warm to.


Andwell’s Best Bitter combines the finest malt and hops to produce a well balanced malty and hoppy flavour with a light amber colour.

Andwell's Gold Muddler | Golden blonde ale with fresh taste & citrus aroma



"Golden blonde ale with fresh taste and citrus aroma"


3.9% abv

Bottled – 4.2% abv


Bottle contains:  Barley & Wheat

Cask contains: Barley

Named after a fishing fly used for luring trout, this Blonde Ale has a refreshing palate due to the use of high quality pale ale malt.


By blending different hops at various stages of the brewing process, Andwell’s have produced a beautiful beer with a citrus aroma and balanced bitterness.

Andwell's King John | Rich amber beer with a fruity hoppyness



"Rich amber beer with a fruity hoppyness"


4.2% abv

Bottled – 4.6% abv


Bottle contains:  Barley & Wheat

Cask contains: Barley

This Pale Ale takes its name from the castle built by King John in 1207, which is located less than a mile from the original Brewery, and from where he rode out to Runnymede to sign the Magna Carta. The beer itself is deep amber in colour with a blend of pale ale and crystal malt. The bitterness and fruity aroma are developed from a combination of hops.

Andwell's Ruddy Darter | Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma



"Rich ruby ale with a fruity  aroma"


4.6% abv

Bottled – 4.9% abv


Bottle contains:  Barley, Rye & Wheat

Cask contains: Barley

This ale is named after a deep red dragon fly found in local rivers and wetlands.


The beer includes malted rye to create its characteristic ruby glow. The flavours and aromas derive from a combination of English hops.



"Light golden lager with a light spicy aroma"


4.8% abv

Bottled – 4.8% abv


Bottle & keg contains:  Barley

Andwell’s award-winning light golden lager is brewed with English barley and has a gentle spicy hop aroma.


Our 4.8% abv  Premium Lager takes its influence from Czech-style pilsners with a light golden colour produced from a combination of floor-malted English barley.


Hopped using noble Czech Saaz and German Tettnang, our lager is lovingly and slowly matured for six weeks prior to fine-filtering and then bottling.



"Light golden dry hopped lager"


4.8% abv

Bottled – 4.8% abv


Bottle contains:  Barley

Andwell’s Pilsner Hop is brewed as any fine Czech-style pilsner would be, using the finest pilsner malts and hopped with the noble Czech Saaz and German Tettnang.  The light golden colour is enhanced by the addition of some quality pale ale malt. Then we've transformed our traditional pilsner by dry hopping with the funky Japanese hop Sorachi Ace for a blast of soft citrus aroma that smells ‘well nice’, refreshes and leaves your mouth tingling. Awesome!


This premium product has been slowly matured in the brewery then fine filtered prior to canning to ensure the quality is guaranteed.


"Golden Session IPA with bold, fresh and fruity aromas"

4.1% abv

Cask - 4.1%

Keg - 4.1%

Can - 4.1%

Cask & keg contains: Barley

Sunny Republic Hop Dog, is brewed with English Pilgrim and Target hops, German Hallertau Blanc and American Citra.


Bold, fresh and fruity aromas with a hint of the crisp sauvignon style mid-palate for length from Hallertau Blanc hops.


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