Bivrost Nidavellir Single Malt Whisky

Bivrost Nidavellir Single Malt Whisky


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Bivrost Nidavellir is the second of the nine Norse worlds Aurora Spirits have released upon the world!

Handcrafted under the glow of the Northern lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps, at 69N. Made from Planet and Popino Nordic barley, and fermented with melted glacier water – Bivrost Nidavellir is a true celebration of Nordic mythology.

Distilled 3 times in a hi-spec copper column still and matured firstly in Heaven Hill Bourbon casks and finished in ex Islay French Oak casks for the final 5-6 month maturation.

A very well balanced and absolutely delicious whisky. Sweet delicate smoke combines perfectly with vanilla, almonds and maraschino cherries to make for a very special whisky.

A maximum of 1 bottle is available per customer. Customers are only permitted to buy either 1 bottle or 1 box set.

ABV: 46.0%
SIZE: 500ml

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